Jack Kirtley (Foreign Eye).

I am an illustrator from England who lives in Wales (the country, i do not go around setting up camp in beasts of the sea). Enjoy. Go and look at new stuff at www.foreigneye.co.uk

All these now £7.50 on the webshop! http://foreigneye.co.uk/shop/
Here’s a nice big…hat from Foreign Eye zine ‘Fashion Issues’. #foreigneye #zine #fashion
All these now £7.50 on the webshop! http://foreigneye.co.uk/shop/
'Further Reductions' - I've got a sale on, go and see if I've got anything in your size left on the website. #foreigneye #illustration #zine #boobs #sale

'Further Reductions'.

‘Further Reductions’.

Loads of sale items in the new shop, as well as the new ‘clap for satan’ shirts.

Cheap laughs and cheap shirts, go and bag a shirt for £7.50!

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'Further Reductions' - I've got a sale going on, go to the website to see if I have anything left in your size: http://foreigneye.co.uk/shop/
SALE ITEM. £7.50 in the web shop. #foreigneye #sale #tshirt

'Overcast' Tee. £7.50.

£7.50 for a shirt/zine/sticker/badge? Wowzer!

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Here’s a cunt from the ‘Fashion Issues’ Zine. #foreigneye #fashion #zine

Dee Eye Why.

I am finally getting round to some screen printing again, the above image (if you can see it) will be printed onto the back all shirts from here on in. I realised some shirts didn’t have ‘Foreign Eye’ branding on them anywhere, what a doofus.

I’m thinking of doing something colourful soon, I probably won’t but to admit that is a pretty big step, see you on the dark side!

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Here we go then! #foreigneye #screenprinting #diy #dontprayforme